4 Steps To Send Offers To Likers On Depop

Depop offers a range of features to enhance the selling and buying experience for its users, including the handy ‘Send Offer’ feature. This feature allows sellers to send offers to users who have liked their listings, facilitating quicker sales without the need for lengthy negotiations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature effectively:

Step 1: List Your Items

Begin by listing your items on Depop by clicking on the ‘Sell’ option. Ensure your listings have detailed descriptions and high-quality product images to attract potential buyers. Uploading your listings is the first step towards receiving offers from interested users.

Step 2: Promote Your Listings

Promotion is key to attracting visitors and likes on your Depop listings. Utilize various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others to share links to your Depop shop and encourage engagement. Increased visibility can lead to more likes on your listings, providing ample opportunities to send offers to interested buyers.

Step 3: Send Offers

Once your listings start receiving likes, you can send offers to likers directly from the notifications. Simply tap on ‘Send Offer’ next to the like notification and propose a price you’re willing to sell the item for. This streamlined process eliminates the need for back-and-forth negotiations, expediting the sales process.

Step 4: Manage Offers

After sending an offer, buyers have 24 hours to respond and purchase the item at the offered price. Sellers have the flexibility to adjust the price if needed, and buyers can counteroffer if they wish. Sellers can access and manage offers through the ‘Offers’ section in the ‘Selling Hub,’ allowing for efficient communication and negotiation.

How Does ‘Send Offer’ Work?

  • Sellers can send offers to likers on Depop, providing a convenient way to propose alternative prices for their listings.
  • Offers are valid for 24 hours, giving buyers ample time to consider and respond.
  • If buyers do not respond within the timeframe, the offer expires automatically, and sellers can make new offers or sell the item at its original price.
  • It’s important to note that the offered price does not include shipping costs, which buyers must pay separately.

Not Available for:

  • Customers outside the seller’s country.
  • Listings with multiple size options.
  • Android users.

By leveraging the ‘Send Offer’ feature effectively and combining it with strategic management and promotion, sellers can enhance their selling experience on Depop and increase their chances of becoming top sellers on the platform.