How To Ship With Depop | Online Shipping Guide 2024

Depop, a global e-commerce platform with millions of users, offers diverse shipping methods tailored to different regions. Whether you’re shipping from the US, UK, or Australia, understanding Depop’s shipping process is crucial for sellers. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Depop shipping:

US Shipping:

  • Ship By Yourself: Arrange shipping via local postal services or third-party companies. Use downloaded shipping labels and mark items as tracked in the app for customer updates.
  • Ship With USPS: Opt for USPS shipping for automatic parcel tracking. Enable “Ship With USPS” during listing and provide necessary details like address, parcel size, and shipping preferences.

US Shipping Costs:

  • Extra-small: $4.40 (First Class – less than 4oz)
  • Small: $4.40 (First Class – less than 8oz)
  • Medium: $6.20 (First Class – less than 12oz)
  • Large: $7.60 (Priority Mail – less than 16oz)
  • Extra-large: $12.25 (Priority Mail – less than 2lb)
  • Extra-large: $16.15 (Priority Mail – less than 10lb)

UK Shipping:

  • Ship With Local Post Office: Utilize local postal services or third-party couriers for shipping.
  • Ship With Depop DropOff: Use Depop’s partnership with MyHermes for drop-off service. Print labels through the app and leave parcels at designated drop-off points.
  • Ship With Depop Courier Collect: Opt for courier collection from your workplace. Provide the address, and MyHermes will collect items for shipping.

Australia Shipping:

  • Australian sellers can ship items via the Australian Postal Service or third-party postal services like Sendle. Ensure proper label printing and tracking.

How To Get Shipping Labels:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Seller Hub’ icon and select ‘All sold items.’
  2. Choose the item for shipping.
  3. Click ‘Ship your item now’ to access and print your label.
  4. Print shipping labels from email receipts or directly from the app, sticking them to packages with clear tape.
  5. Drop off packages at Post Offices or Depop shipping services.

By understanding Depop’s shipping options and costs, sellers can streamline their shipping processes and provide reliable service to customers, enhancing their e-commerce experience.

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