How to remove a Bad Rating on Facebook Marketplace

Receiving a bad rating on Facebook Marketplace can have a significant negative impact on a seller’s business. Bad ratings can deter potential buyers from making a purchase, as they serve as a reflection of the seller’s reputation and trustworthiness. This can result in decreased sales and customer engagement, making it crucial for sellers to address and manage their ratings effectively.

Short Answer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly remove a bad rating from Facebook Marketplace. Once a rating is given, it becomes a permanent part of a seller’s profile and cannot be deleted or altered by the seller. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity and transparency of the marketplace, ensuring that genuine and honest ratings are displayed for all users to see.


However, sellers do have the option to report a bad rating if it violates Facebook’s Community Standards or if it is a fake rating. By reporting the rating and providing evidence to support the claim, sellers can request a review from Facebook. If Facebook determines that the rating is in violation of their guidelines or is fraudulent, they may remove it from the seller’s profile.

Understanding Facebook Marketplace Ratings

Facebook Marketplace utilizes a rating system that allows buyers to leave feedback and rate their experience with sellers. This system is designed to provide transparency and help users make informed decisions when purchasing products or services.

Ratings are displayed on a seller’s profile and can range from one to five stars, with five being the highest rating. Sellers cannot remove or alter these ratings once they have been given.

Importance of maintaining a good rating

Maintaining a good rating on Facebook Marketplace is crucial for sellers. A positive rating not only instills confidence in potential buyers, but it also helps sellers build a strong reputation and increase their chances of making successful sales. A good rating indicates that a seller has provided excellent customer service, delivered on their promises, and fulfilled buyer expectations.

On the other hand, a bad rating can deter potential customers and impact a seller’s credibility and trustworthiness. As such, it is essential for sellers to strive for a high rating and address any negative feedback promptly and professionally.

Common reasons for receiving bad ratings

  • Poor communication: Lack of communication or slow response time can frustrate buyers and lead to negative ratings.
  • Product or service issues: If the item received is not as described, damaged, or of poor quality, buyers are likely to leave a negative rating.
  • Shipping and delivery problems: Late deliveries, lost packages, or incorrect shipping information can result in dissatisfied buyers.
  • Unprofessional behavior: Rude or unhelpful behavior towards customers can damage a seller’s reputation and lead to bad ratings.
  • Failure to resolve issues: If a buyer encounters a problem with their purchase and the seller fails to address it satisfactorily, a negative rating may be given.

Tips on how to avoid receiving bad ratings

  • Provide accurate descriptions: Be transparent and detailed when describing the product or service to manage buyer expectations.
  • Be responsive: Promptly respond to messages, inquiries, and concerns from potential buyers to show commitment and good customer service.
  • Package items securely: Ensure that items are packaged securely and appropriately to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Ship items on time: Meet the agreed-upon shipping deadlines and provide accurate tracking information to avoid delays and confusion.
  • Resolve issues promptly: If a buyer encounters a problem, respond quickly and work towards a satisfactory resolution to prevent negative feedback.

Facebook Community Standards for Bad Ratings

Facebook Community Standards outline the guidelines and rules that users must follow when using the platform. These standards cover a wide range of topics, including hate speech, violence, and harassment.

While the standards do not specifically address bad ratings on Facebook Marketplace, they provide a framework for assessing whether a rating violates community guidelines. If a rating is found to be in violation, Facebook may consider removing it.

Steps to report a rating that violates the Community Standards

If you believe that a rating on Facebook Marketplace violates the Community Standards, you can take the following steps to report it:

  1. Go to the rating or review that you want to report.
  2. Click on the options menu (three dots) located at the top right corner of the rating.
  3. Select “Find support or report rating” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Follow the prompts to provide more information about the issue and submit your report.

It’s important to note that Facebook will review the reported rating and determine if it violates their Community Standards. They may remove the rating if it is found to be in violation.

Reporting Fake Ratings

If you have identified fake ratings, you can directly report it to Facebook. Fake ratings have the below criteria:

– Unusually high number of positive ratings with similar wording

– Ratings from accounts with little to no other activity

– Extreme ratings (either very positive or very negative) without any specific details

– Ratings that are inconsistent with other reviews or the overall seller’s rating

Steps to report a rating that is deemed fake or malicious

1. Go to the rating or review that you believe is fake or malicious.

2. Click on the options menu (three dots) located at the top right corner of the rating.

3. Select “Find support or report rating” from the dropdown menu.

4. Choose the option that best describes the issue, such as “This rating is fake or malicious.”

5. Provide any additional information or evidence to support your claim.6. Submit your report and wait for Facebook to review the rating.

Facebook will investigate the reported rating and take appropriate action if it is found to be fake or malicious.

Requesting a Review from Facebook

– Go to the Marketplace profile and locate the rating that you want to request a review for.

– Click on the rating to see the full details.

– Look for the “Request Review” option and click on it.

– Follow the prompts provided to submit your request for a review.

– The buyer will receive a notification and will be given the option to update their rating. If they do, the new rating will replace the original one.

Tips on presenting a strong case to have the rating removed

– Clearly explain the resolution of the issue with the buyer.

– Provide any evidence or documentation that supports your claim.

– Remain professional and avoid any confrontational language.

– Emphasize the importance of accurate ratings for the integrity of the marketplace.

– Be patient and allow Facebook time to review your request.

Remember, when reporting a fake or malicious rating, it is important to provide as much information as possible to support your claim. Facebook will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action if the rating is found to be fake or malicious.

Strategies to Improve Your Rating

  • Provide accurate and detailed product descriptions to manage buyer expectations.
  • Take high-quality photos of your products to showcase their features.
  • Offer competitive pricing to attract potential buyers.
  • Respond promptly to messages and inquiries from interested buyers.
  • Ship items quickly and provide tracking information to ensure transparency.
  • Package items securely to prevent damage during transit.
  • Encourage buyers to leave positive ratings and reviews by providing exceptional service.
improve your bad rating on facebook marketplace

How to deliver excellent customer service to avoid bad ratings

  • Be transparent about any issues or defects with your products.
  • Offer hassle-free returns or refunds if the buyer is not satisfied.
  • Communicate regularly with buyers, providing updates on their orders.
  • Resolve any disputes or conflicts promptly and fairly.
  • Offer personalized customer support and address any concerns or questions.
  • Strive for 100% customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

By implementing these strategies and delivering excellent customer service, you can improve your rating on Facebook Marketplace and establish a trustworthy reputation among buyers. Remember, maintaining a positive rating is crucial for attracting more buyers and growing your business on the platform.

Seeking Support from Facebook

1. Contact Facebook support through the provided channels, such as the Help Center or the support page.

2. Submit a detailed explanation of the issue, including evidence if applicable, and explain why the rating should be removed.

3. Wait for Facebook’s response and follow any instructions or requests they provide.

Understanding the process and possible outcomes

It is important to note that Facebook does not guarantee the removal of a bad rating. They will assess the situation based on their Community Standards and guidelines. Possible outcomes include:

– If the rating violates Facebook’s Community Standards, it may be removed.

– If the rating is determined to be fake or fraudulent, it may be removed.

– If Facebook does not find a violation or fraudulent activity, the rating is likely to remain.

Sellers should provide clear and compelling evidence to support their case when requesting a review from Facebook. It is important to remain professional and courteous throughout the process.


Maintaining a positive rating is crucial for attracting more buyers and growing the business on Facebook Marketplace. By implementing the suggested strategies and seeking support from Facebook when necessary, sellers can work towards improving their rating and establishing a trustworthy reputation. It is important to continuously monitor and manage the rating to uphold a high level of customer satisfaction.


  1. How to leave a review on Facebook Marketplace:
    • Go to the seller’s profile in Facebook Marketplace.
    • Click on the “Write a Review” or “Leave Feedback” option.
    • Rate the seller and write your review.
  2. How to remove a bad review on Facebook:
    • You cannot remove a review on your own. You can try contacting Facebook support to report a false or inappropriate review.
  3. How to request a review on Facebook Marketplace:
    • You can ask buyers or sellers to review your profile by messaging them and politely requesting their feedback. Facebook doesn’t have an automated review request feature.
  4. How to turn off Facebook reviews:
    • You cannot completely turn off reviews on your Facebook Page, but you can manage their visibility. To do this, go to your Page’s settings, click on “Templates and Tabs,” and then toggle the “Reviews” tab on or off.
  5. How to see your Marketplace rating:
    • You can check your Marketplace rating on your profile under your name. Your rating will be displayed if you have received reviews.
  6. How to see seller reviews on Facebook Marketplace:
    • Visit a seller’s profile in Facebook Marketplace to view their overall rating and read individual reviews left by previous buyers.