no you cannot see who viewed your facebook highlights afte 24 hours

Facebook Highlights have become a popular feature, allowing users to share their cherished moments through a curated collection of photos and videos. As users engage with this dynamic storytelling tool, one question frequently arises: Can you see who viewed your Facebook Highlights after 24 hours? In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the intricacies of Facebook Highlights, discussing their functionality, viewer insights, and privacy settings.

What are Facebook Highlights?

Facebook Highlights serve as a visual storytelling medium, enabling users to compile a series of photos and videos into a cohesive narrative. These Highlights are prominently displayed on the user’s profile, providing a snapshot of recent events, travels, or everyday adventures. The ephemeral nature of Highlights, lasting only 24 hours, adds an element of immediacy and freshness to the content.

How Do Facebook Highlights Work?

Creating a Facebook Highlight is a user-friendly process. Users can select media from their camera roll or upload directly, arranging them to convey a chronological or thematic sequence. Once crafted, Highlights are visible on the user’s profile for a 24-hour period, allowing friends and followers to engage with the shared moments.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Highlights?

One of the commonly asked questions is whether users can identify who views their Facebook Highlights. Currently, Facebook does not offer a feature that provides a specific list of individuals who have viewed your Highlights. Instead, the platform offers an overall view count within the initial 24 hours.

How to See Who Viewed Your Highlights Within 24 Hours

Although a detailed list of viewers remains inaccessible, users can track the overall engagement by checking the view count within the initial 24-hour window. By opening the Highlight, users will find the view count displayed at the bottom, indicating the number of people who have seen the content during this timeframe.

Why You Cannot See Who Viewed Your Highlights After 24 Hours?

The limitation on identifying individual viewers beyond the 24-hour mark stems from Facebook’s commitment to user privacy. The platform prioritizes safeguarding user data and does not retain specific viewer information for Highlights after the initial 24 hours. This approach aligns with Facebook’s broader privacy policies.

Who Can See Your Facebook Highlights?

The visibility of your Facebook Highlights is contingent on your privacy settings. By default, Highlights are visible to your Facebook friends. However, users have the flexibility to adjust these settings, allowing for a more nuanced control over who can view their Highlights.

How to Change the Privacy Settings of Your Highlights

  1. Access Your Profile:
    • Navigate to your Facebook profile.
  2. Click on the Highlights:
    • Locate the Highlights section on your profile.
  3. Adjust Privacy Settings:
    • Click on the ellipsis (…) next to the Highlight and choose “Edit Highlight.”
    • Modify the audience settings for the specific Highlight according to your preferences.

Customizing privacy settings empowers users to share Highlights with a broad audience or limit visibility to specific groups, offering a tailored experience.


In conclusion, Facebook Highlights serve as a vibrant medium for users to share their stories. While the platform currently does not provide a feature to identify individual viewers post-24 hours, understanding the dynamics of Highlights, including view counts and privacy settings, enhances the overall user experience.


Can I modify the privacy settings for individual Highlights on Facebook?

Yes, users have the ability to customize privacy settings for each Highlight, providing granular control over the audience.

Can anyone see my Facebook Highlights if my account is set to private?

Highlights are visible only to approved friends if the user’s account is set to private.

Can I tell if someone has hidden their Stories from me on Facebook?

As of now, Facebook does not offer a feature that discloses whether someone has hidden their Stories or Highlights from a specific individual. The platform maintains a commitment to user privacy, refraining from divulging such information.

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